• Domenic Merenda

    Domenic Merenda

    Angel Investor; Early Member of Python Core Team at BeOpen PythonLabs (versions 1.6 to 2.x); Enterprise SaaS Expert; Startup Advisor; living the Silicon Valley

  • Rob Weishar

    Rob Weishar

  • willis JOHNSON

    willis JOHNSON

    author ,loves peace -he preaches peace with one self and others ; writer's history; he writes to educate the public on various public affairs in the world

  • Jihyun


  • Claire SG

    Claire SG

    City wanderer, curious by nature, always learning.

  • Mj Bhuller

    Mj Bhuller

  • jabrilliant


    CFO @BigfootBiomed; entrepreneur, mentor & board member, @startitupde, @CanSurround, @pennstateMTEN, formerly @WellDoc

  • Ellen Cousins

    Ellen Cousins

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