Day 91 — Sprint 12 Recap

This week we pushed hard to get Invincible out to the world. The challenge was to launch our app in a week. Well…we didn’t quite make it: we uncovered a few technical changes we need to make to the app before we can make it available to the world.

But all is not lost: setting a public launch goal forced all the right things to happen:

  • It gave our team an aligned goal
  • It was extremely motivating: creating content with the intent to launch just feels different than creating content to test.
  • It forced us to think critically at where we are today vs. where we want to be. It uncovered things like: how do we support the app? how do we release new content? how do we learn from users? how do we reach a younger audience?

In the end, all goodness.

Our new launch is set for March 28th. We’ll stick to this goal and make the most of the time. Here’s what we’ll do in the next month with the app:

  1. Close open app development work. We’re enabling things like continuous deployment, age screening, and the latest Expo tools.
  2. Generate interest from users (i.e. pre sign-ups). Just because we launch our app doesn’t mean anyone will use it. How might we create some buzz?
  3. Create plans to support the app. What happens when we have breaking bugs in the app? How do we manage support, bug fixes, and launching fixes?
  4. Create a sustainable content creation process, including exploring content partnerships. Content creation is one of our biggest bottlenecks today, and for our app to be engaging, it needs to stay fresh and continuously be refreshed with new content.

Just for fun…

I was doing some side reading for fun and found a few interesting quotes from (highly recommend it for UX breakdowns on how to think about building better end-to-end experiences) that I found relevant to our push to launch an MVP:

Anyways, here’s how the rest of the week went.

🎥 Highlights of the Week

💡What I Learned

  • Having a big, scary goal is a powerful motivator. Setting the goal of launch forced us to think differently about our app. Things that feel good enough in a closed environment suddenly seem really ugly knowing they’ll be totally out in the open. In the end, having a shared team goal helped create alignment and drive work that needs to be done.
  • Planning Creates Execution. Just like 2 weeks ago when running through a design sprint, having an established execution rhythm this week was super motivating and created lots of progress each day. Both 1-week plans came from third party sources: what other plans can I steal and adopt as my own?

👍 What Went Well

  • Burning Down Risks. Setting the launch goal forced us to think about risks that we have, including things like support, marketing, and legal. These risks paved a clear path of problems to execute against and drove productive work.
  • Launch Prep. There is a ton of work involved with launching anything. Executing with the intention of launching created a ton of good output that will prepare us for future launches.
  • Team Driving Toward a Shared Goal. As shared above. Common team goals are powerful motivators.

👎 Opportunities to Improve

  • How to Reach a Younger Audience. We still have a lot of work to do to figure out how we’ll reach a teen audience. Personally, I try to avoid Snapchat and Tik Tok…yet these apps are the primary apps our target audience uses. How might we connect to them through these platforms and beyond?
  • Creating Content. Another risk identified this week is the ongoing challenge we’ll have to create content. Up until now, we’ve been doing this all ourselves. But it’s clear that to scale this (both within type 1 and to other conditions), we’ll need some help.

⏭️ Action Items


  • Check out Tik Tok / Snapchat and ways we can reach teens there.

Content Delivery:

  • Integrate this week’s content changes into latest app version.
  • Develop “Invincible Teen Council” group (name TBD): 5–10 teen and young adults that can help develop content and inform direction
  • Explore partnerships with nonprofits / professional organizations / clinical advisors.


  • Test Expo Upgrade for any breaking changes.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’ll map out our 1 week plan so we can continue the momentum from last week.



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