Day 89 — App Design

App Design


Our previous onboarding was directed at a school audience, so I updated it to be relevant for a teen target audience. I re-used the website messaging I created yesterday.

App Launch

We have a pretty minimal app onboarding today, except for a few screens that I updated here.


I decided to test out an interactive introduction using a I’m excited about the potential to use video as interactive content.


I hadn’t thought of a medical disclaimer screen, but it’s a must to minimize our liability. It’s a mouthful, but it does the job.


Similar to the prototypes I tested a few weeks ago, we’ll be incorporating gamification in our app. Here are a few examples.


Knowing that content creation will be an ongoing hurdle, I want to incentivize our users to contribute feedback and help us decide where to go next.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’ll look at App Store Connect and Google Play Store for what we’ll need for submission.



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