Day 88 — Implementing our new Landing Page

Today’s Work: New Landing Page

Today I designed and launched our new landing page.

Design (Time: ~2 Hours)

I sketched out the concept on paper before moving the design to Figma. Since my goal was to finish this in a day, I didn’t have time to waste. I relied on an early concept from a few weeks ago and added a few tweaks.

Implementation (Time: ~4 hours)

I then moved from design to implementation. I use Webflow for building and hosting. I’m a huge proponent of Webflow and highly recommend it to anyone looking to build a new website.

Testing (Time: ~3 Hours)

The last 10% is always the most frustrating. Making the design responsive for mobile is where I found the most bugs and had to spend a few hours troubleshooting and fixing issues. I’m sure there are more, so let me know what else you find!

Here’s the result:

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’ll move from our paper design concepts to final design for the app and video assets.



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