Day 85 —Sprint 12 Kickoff

Over the weekend I shared a crazy idea I had to launch our app in a week.

Today started that journey.

Launch Risks

I met with my team last night after proposing the idea of a 7-day launch plan. They didn’t say it specifically, but they definitely think I’m crazy.

They brought up a lot of (really valid) points for risks we’ll need to overcome to get to launch.

  1. Known Bugs: We’ve been testing our software through TestFlight and have some known bugs in the software. Which ones are critical must-fixes and which ones can we live with?
  2. Data Privacy: Ensuring we have the right controls in place to launch our app. This includes we’re doing the right things internally and that we are compliant with data privacy laws like COPPA. Since we’re not touching insurance, we won’t need to be HIPAA Compliant (yet).
  3. Auto Deployment: Currently we have a manual deployment process, plus new content changes require a new app be published. Knowing we’ll want to launch new content frequently, how do we avoid these challenges and improve our processes (for us and end users)?
  4. Support: What happens if we have production issues? How quickly do we fix issues? What happens if we don’t have resources available?
  5. Legal: At a minimum this will include accepting our privacy policy and terms of use, but also includes things like 3rd party open source licensing.
  6. Analytics: How do we know how users are interacting with the app? We only have basic analytics currently, so we’ll either need to scramble to add these or add them later.
  7. UX: These are a bunch of potential UX issues we’ve seen that I would love to fix. Most of them are polish, but the designer in me wants to fix them.

So now what?

Like all our work, I added these to our JIRA backlog and will address them one by one. I still believe we can address the highest-priority risks in time for launch, but we’ll know by the end of the week. Regardless, these are the muscles we should be building, and the right activities are happening.

Today’s Work: Working Backwards

A few years ago, I discovered Amazon’s process for writing a press release before launching new products. I’ve tried it once before and really love the focus on end users it creates and the thought experiment of knowing who the product is for, what problems it solves, and how it solves them. I highly recommend the exercise to anyone launching a new product. It serves as a guiding light from now until launch (and a working document we can revisit as we learn).

Here’s Invincible’s press release:

Invincible Press Release

The Rest of the Week

The rest of the week includes closing the loop on our known risks and the remainder of activities that will need to happen for launch.

Here’s the outline:

Pushing to Launch



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