Day 81 — Business Model Exploration: Consumers

Building a great product for end users

Building a Consumer Business

In building a consumer business, the best experience wins. End users vote with their downloads, time, and pocket books. If things aren’t clicking, they simply won’t use it. I love the simplicity of the outcome.

Pros of B2C Business

  • Aligned focus on the end user and product
  • Quickest path to market

Cons of B2C Business

  • Really expensive
  • Lots of competition

Requirements / Core Competencies of B2C Business

  • A great brand
  • A great product
  • Solves a need
  • High virality
  • High engagement
  • Large user base

What’s Next?

This path just feels right. Building a consumer business gets us out into the real world and puts us in control of our own destiny. It won’t be easy — and we’ll no doubt need lots of partners and help along the way — but at this stage, it also gets us in the game. It allows us to develop the product for the users that matter most: kids.



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Bob Weishar

Founder at Invincible, passionate about building healthcare products that inspire.