Day 69 — (Planning out) the solution to this week’s experiment

The Challenge Map

  • Screening: There are a lot of screening tools available. But actually delivering screening is a major challenge: clinicians and families are busy, and mental health doesn’t just happen in 4 month intervals alongside scheduled doctor’s visits. How might we better detect mental health challenges in adolescents (before problems arise)?
  • Referral: Getting a referral to a mental health specialist can be a challenge, especially when factoring in costs, reimbursement, and the shortage of mental health specialists. How might we enable adolescents to more easily connect to mental health services?
  • Care: Only 50% of kids diagnosed with a mental health disorder actually receive mental health support. This has to change. How might we deliver therapist-recommended activities to adolescents that are engaging and effective?
  • Monitoring: As care is delivered, an ongoing communication challenge is created between adolescents, care providers, and families. How might we streamline feedback and communication between the care team?

Outline for Next Week

Monday — Start at the End

  • Define sprint questions
  • Define long-term goal
  • Pick a target from the Challenge Map
  • Recruit participants (goal of 5)
  • Write the Interview Guide

Tuesday — Solution Sketch

  • Research existing solutions.
  • Review of existing ideas to remix and improve.
  • Sketch, following a four-step process that emphasizes critical thinking over artistry.

Wednesday — Storyboard

  • Critique each solution, and decide which ones have the best chance of achieving your long-term goal.
  • Take the winning scenes from your sketches and weave them into a storyboard: a step-by-step plan for your prototype.

Thursday — Prototype

  • Turn storyboard into a prototype
  • Confirm Friday’s interview schedule
  • Clean up interview script
  • Review the prototype

Friday — Test

  • Interview customers and learn by watching them react to your prototype




Startup founder surviving in his parent’s basement.

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Bob Weishar

Bob Weishar

Startup founder surviving in his parent’s basement.

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