Day 54 — Communicating Our Values

What we believe and how we make decisions

I believe in communicating early and often what we value and how we make decisions. To do that, we first must look internally and ask ourselves what matters most.

Here are our values.

Value 1 — Uplifting

Since being diagnosed with type 1, I’ve seen lots of doctors and specialists — some good, some not so good. They’ve all been capable, but I believe there is one measure that separates the good from the bad: empathy.

The best doctors I’ve ever had make me feel good about myself. They don’t ride me for how many blood sugars I have — or generally, haven’t — checked, what my A1C is, or really any care-related measures at all. They understand that life with type 1 diabetes is a constant challenge and instead do their best to bring some motivation and enthusiasm to the conversation.

I believe we have an opportunity to do the same. Attitude is 98% of managing a health issue, and if we can make you leave you feeling better than you arrived, we’ve done our job.

Value 2 — Authentic

There’s nothing worse than getting talked down to or listening to pre-scripted content. We won’t sugar coat it: life with a health issue is tough. But it’s also manageable, and one of the best ways to learn is from others who know exactly what you’re going though.

I believe if we can connect the people who know what it’s like, we can build trust with our users and they can build skills and confidence for life.

Value 3 — Fun

I want to bring as much personality as the kids and adolescents we support.

So much of healthcare is about scaring people into doing the “right thing”. Yet very rarely do we bring some levity to the situation out of fear people won’t take things seriously.

I believe if we can bring some joy to people’s lives, the actual hard parts of living with a health issue will take care of themselves.

Now What?

Now it’s time to go out and prove it.

Startup founder surviving in his parent’s basement.