Day 50! Sprint #7 Kickoff

Back to Experimenting

Annndd we’re back. If you’ve been following these past few weeks, I’ve been 100% focused on data security and implementing our HIPAA Administrative Controls, and I finally wrapped up Phase 1 yesterday.

Now it’s time to get back to experimenting.

This Week’s Experiment

Step 1 — Defining the Hypothesis

This week I’m exploring how we might be helpful to pediatricians and children’s hospitals — specifically with training content that can engage kids and young adults living with chronic health issues. My hypothesis is that we can use our platform to help kids build skills and independence — in a way that’s engaging and fun.


As kids get older, they increasingly take on responsibilities for their care. Yet few tools exist to actually guide them on this journey — at least ones that are designed for them.

Through the Invincible Kids Network, we’ve accidentally created a format that works really well in helping to build kid’s confidence. Every kid loves to tell their story — especially when they see the impact it can have on others. Combined with our bite-sized content, I think we can drive engagement and thus outcomes from kids in a really differentiated way.

Why Now

When I first started Invincible, I was focused 100% on schools: it was a place kids spend 30+ hours a week and rely on those around them for care. It was our chance to have an impact. When COVID hit, schools went remote and our opportunity felt more and more distant, too.

So I decided to pivot our focus toward working directly with families. But going direct to consumer is really hard! And we haven’t yet solved a big enough pain point to drive the viral growth we would need. We continue to learn though, and it’s drastically changed my perspective and how we move forward.

The next logical channel is healthcare providers. They already play such an important role in the lives of kids and families, and I think we could help provide a platform that allows them to engage kids in unique way. It also plays to each of our strengths: healthcare providers are already content experts, and we can be engagement experts.

Step 2— Finding Potential Partners

To run this experiment, I need to find pediatricians and Children’s Hospitals to reach out to. So I started with this. From there, I copied the information into a Google Sheet, cleaned it up with some swanky formulas, and started to prioritize them.


One “competitor” I’ve found is the GetWellNetwork, which does offer some inpatient education for kids at quite a few hospitals.

Step 3 — Outreach

Starting tomorrow, I’ll start reaching out to potential partners to test the idea. It’s not a perfect experiment — there are a lot of factors that will drive response rates — but I’m hoping I can strike a unique pain point that they’ll be interested in.

Until then…



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