Day 45 — Chillin’ in the cloud

Transitioning from Dropbox to Drive

Chillin in the Cloud

Creating a Single Source of Truth

One of the gaps I identified early in this work was how we manage sensitive data— specifically, our files. As a result of how we’ve grown, I was storing data and files across 3 main accounts:

  • Personal Gmail: Before Invincible was even a thing, I was using my personal Google Drive account to keep my expenses down.
  • Personal Dropbox: Then I started using my personal Dropbox account — mainly because I liked the product.
  • Invincible GDrive: Then Invincible became real and I created a company account — mainly to manage Google Drive documents and mail.

As a result, it was a real mess — especially when considering data security over ease of access to documents.

So I started to clean it up. It ended up being a LOT more work than I thought…my initial goal was just to upgrade our Dropbox account. But after realizing the ongoing challenge this would create, I elected to create a single source of truth. Which meant consolidating 3 massive storage structures.

I elected for Google Drive because I knew I’d be using it no matter what for accessing Google Sheets, Mail, and other data. Sticking with Google also helps with overall access control rights and gives us a place to store PHI if needed (since we’ve signed a BAA).

The main costs were the upfront organization efforts, potential loss of functionality from Dropbox to drive, and the financial costs of $12/user (which honestly seems pretty reasonable at this point).

It took a few days to complete, but I’m hopeful that long term it will make our lives much easier by creating a single access control point.

Full breakdown of Drive vs. Dropbox here.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I will be transitioning our data off of Hubspot.



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