Day 44 — Grinding it out

My Daily Ritual

Today I continued this week’s cleanup activities as we build toward HIPAA Compliance for our administrative controls. Today’s focus was on access controls for the various systems we use.

Implementing LastPass

I can’t recommend LastPass enough. I’ve used it personally for several years and only now realized the enterprise benefits it provides for managing passwords at scale for companies. It’s $48/user/year — compared to Okta which is (minimum) $1,500 or not doing it at all, which is probably way costlier in the long-term.

Inviting the Team

Bringing the team together is one of the key features of the team plan and it’s really easy to do within the tool.

Inviting Teammates

Setting Policies in LastPass

Within the tool, you can enable a number of different policies.

Some of the policy controls available in LastPass

Improving Security

In addition, they help tremendously with improving password strength by analyzing existing passwords. This took a decent chunk of time but it was kind of fun going from this:

To this:

Implementing LastPass

Yes, not the most exciting of posts, but not every day as a founder is exciting either. Today was very much in-the-trenches work that will hopefully be wrapping up very soon so I can get back to building the fun stuff!



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