Day 178 — Building a script for our new explainer video

Today we developed the script for a new explainer video directed at school nurses. In developing a video, I find this step to be the most important — it’s what sets up our messaging, design, and animation. Without it, the video fails to deliver the message. We used a prior explainer video for reference (here).

Here’s the script.

The Script

[1] If you’re a school nurse, you no doubt deal with medication logs, bumps and bruises, confused school staff, and worried parents, day after day.

  • Hi, this is Martha, I’m calling to check in on tommy?
  • It happens: When it comes to health at school, you are everyone’s first call.

[2] But when you’re supporting the 1 in 4 kids with chronic health issues like type 1 diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, or severe allergies, [3] it’s up to you to keep them safe.

[4] It can be overwhelming: how do you find the time?

[5] That’s why we created Invincible. We solve the problem[6] by helping nurses communicate care for kids with chronic illnesses, in one centralized app that school staff love.

  • [8] Rather than juggling multiple communication methods, [9] you can make information accessible for staff and parents from right where you are with digital care logs.
  • [10 If there’s a question or comment, you can take care of it right away with our team-based chat.
  • [11] Rather than playing phone tag, you can do what you do best and focus on supporting kids.
  • [12] Over time, you’ll build trust with parents and form a team, and students will get the support they deserve.

[13] As a school nurse, we know you’ll never stop working hard, but if you want the simplicity of centralized communication for chronic health issues, [14] join our mission to get kids the care they deserve.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’ll move on to design of the storyboards.




Startup founder surviving in his parent’s basement.

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Bob Weishar

Bob Weishar

Startup founder surviving in his parent’s basement.

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