Day 177 — Piecing together why Invincible exists

Sharing Invincible to the world

Bob Weishar
2 min readMay 28, 2021

Through these daily blog posts, I’ve had an opportunity to share our story and a bit about my day-to-day journey as I seek to inspire kids with chronic health issues. While writing these every day has created some really good habits, I’ve also been a bit too focused on the day-to-day and not enough on our long-term strategy.

Today I zoomed out to 10,000 feet.

Why We Exist

The opportunity to partner with a new advisor for Invincible gave me an opportunity to look back at what we’ve done and think about where we’re headed.

So today I pieced together all the content I’ve built — plus some new stuff — to share why Invincible exists and how we’re helping kids develop their superpowers.

The result is this presentation.

Why We Exist Presentation

Thoughts While Putting This Together

One thing that struck me while putting this together is how much content I’ve developed in the past year and what a great foundation we have to build from.

Even though I’ve been writing these posts every day, in many ways it feels like I’m not communicating enough externally about the value we can delivery — especially with customers. This next 3 months will change that as we start to market and sell the technology we’ve built to schools. If we do our job right, we have an opportunity to scale a technology that I truly believe will change lives.



Bob Weishar

Founder at Invincible, passionate about building healthcare products that inspire.