Day 166 — Marketing Sprint (Sprint 24)

This week we’re switching gears toward developing the marketing collateral for our Teams product. I’m starting to realize we’re in danger of losing focus, and it’s time to commit into our communication app if we’re going to be successful. We’ll be attending the National Association of School Nurse’s Conference in about a month, which is a great excuse to get all of our marketing ready and prepped to go.

Marketing Deliverables

The key marketing deliverables I’ll be working on this week and next are those that are needed for the conference (it’s nice to be told what to do for a change!). I’m also adding a few that I think will be valuable for us to develop and grow the product.

1 — Press Release & FAQ

This is an internal deliverable but one I’ve found really useful. I shared a draft of the Press Release a few weeks ago:

I’m adding an FAQ section to the document as an exercise to think through internal and external challenges we’ll need to address. It’s another Amazon-ism that is really useful to building out a product concept.

For example, here is a peak at the draft I created today:

FAQs for the product

2 — Booth Logo & Image Assets

These are assets we’ll have for our digital booth. Our logo is the easy part — we’ll also need a banner.

I started designing a few options today:

A few early concepts for our booth

3 — Company Description


4 — Featured Video

We’re able to show a video up to 5 minutes in length. I only plan on using 1 of those minutes (nobody has time for a 5-minute video!), but this will be among the biggest work effort to pull together. I’m hoping to create something that demonstrates the value proposition of the product and gets school nurse users excited about the potential opportunity.

5 — Featured URL

I also need to create a new landing page for the product. I really like ClassDojo’s messaging and approach, so I’ll be relying on them for inspiration.

6 — Takeaway Marketing Collateral

Finally, we’re allowed 3 handouts as marketing collateral. Here’s my general plan for the three deliverables:

  1. Describe what we do and why (one-pager)
  2. Something informative (research)
  3. Something useful & fun (resources)

What’s Next?

This is quite a bit of work for one week. I don’t expect to finish the video or website this week, but my goal is to get solid drafts of each (script and storyboard for the video; UI design for the website) and finish the other items on the list.



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