Day 165 — Sprint 21 Recap

Closing out a week of backlog and content building

This week I built out the backlogs for our products and continued content development for a new module on insulin.

Here’s how it went.

🎥 Highlights of the Week

💡What I Learned

This week felt a bit scattered — I think my approach for the week lacked a bit of focus and left me feeling I didn’t get anything fully complete. Nevertheless, it felt good zooming in and then zooming out on our product approach and we’re closer than ever to building traction with end users.

👍 What Went Well

  • Planning for the Future. It was really nice building out the backlogs for our products — especially zooming out from the details compared to the content development work I’ve been doing.
  • Light at the End of the Tunnel. As the economy and schools open back up, so too do our prospects of scaling our Teams Product. I’m really excited to scale the product we build and I think it has a ton of potential.

👎 Opportunities to Improve

  • Time to Build Content. To complete our Survival Skills curriculum, we still have quite a bit of content to build. And currently it’s taking at least a week of effort per module — that’s too much time if we’re going to get this launched by July.
  • Lack of Focus. Building out the backlogs for 2 products, it’s clear I’m in danger of losing focus. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it, and spreading efforts across 2 things is less than ideal. But the fact remains that each represents an experiment that’s yet to be truly tested.

🎬 Action Items

This week I’ll take a pause on content development to focus on our Schools Launch Plan. We have about 1 month until the National Association of School Nurse’s Conference, which will serve as our product launch.

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