Day 164 — Training Backlog

Building the Backlog for our Survival Skills Curriculum

Yesterday I shared our feature backlog for the Invincible Teams App. Today I organized our training app backlog — specifically, for our Survival Skills content delivery.

By far the biggest lift for this backlog is content development. The remainder are nicer-to-have features and ideas that will improve the learning experience.

Feature Development

1 — Invincible Academy

These features include enhancements to our content delivery approach. As I’ve learned from our testing, our current approach is decent but has lots of room for improvement. As part of this epic, we aim to improve the learning experience with new approaches to learning.

2 — Gamification

This epic includes game features to incentivize completion and progress. Currently in the app, we’re prototyping some basic game mechanics, but we can do more. The key enhancement is just making things more fun.

3 — Manage Account

This epic includes enhancements to make sign up easier.

4 — Bugs

Bug fixes.

Content Development

Finally, additional content development for our Survival Skills Curriculum.

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