Day 163 — The Teams Backlog

App Improvements to Build Traction with Schools

Right before the pandemic started, we prototyped a brand new way to connect schools to parents who had kids with chronic health issues. Through lots of interviews with school nurses, parents, and kids, we discovered that a common challenge was coordinating the care that happened at school.

For kids with chronic health issues, they rely on the people around them to keep them safe. And for the 30+ hours a week they’re at school, that usually means a patchwork of school health staff, teachers, and office staff.

You can read more about it here.

But then the pandemic hit — and with it, our chances to really test out our communication app. With schools expected to be back in-person by the fall, it’s time to re-launch our Invincible Teams app and start getting traction with schools and families.

Today I took some time to re-visit our product backlog to make improvements we’ll need to generate growth. Grooming our product backlog is a continuous process, and it’s been awhile since I got back to thinking about our teams app. It’s time to change that.

Invincible Teams v1

At its core, the Invincible Teams App focuses on 3 things:

  1. Creating a secure record of care: As care is provided, Invincible creates a record of each care event — like when insulin is given at school.
  2. Improving Communication: Once care is provided, we automatically let families know what’s happening.
  3. Data-Based Decision-Making: When there are questions or follow-up, our HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easy and secure to communicate. Over time, the data collected is given to healthcare providers to enable them make better care decisions and help the school day go more smoothly.

Version 1 of the app is already complete and has been beta tested. After a few months of beta testing with families last spring/summer, we discovered some bugs and feature improvements. These form the basis for our upcoming backlog.

Additional Feature Improvements for Launch

To achieve a fall launch date for the app, there are a bunch of ideas either our team or our users have had to make the app better. Today I spent some time categorizing these into a release backlog. I organized them into must-have, should-have and nice-to-have.

1 — Must-Have Features

The main gap we need to address is data security. There are additional technical-level controls we need to address before we can confidently approach families and schools to store sensitive health information. While we technically are not required to be HIPAA compliant (since we are not going through insurance), it might be a nice framework for us to follow. FERPA is the only must-have regulation for working with schools, though it’s quite a bit more lightweight.

1.1 Data Security

2 — Should-Have

In the should-have category, I’ve included features and fixes that will improve the overall experience of our app. We could generally live without these fixes, though investing in them will likely enhance adoption and retention.

Here’s how I think about each of the categories:

  • Documentation & Communication: These are features that make the core of our app — logging and communication — really easy. These include quite a few UX improvements that we noticed during beta testing of our app.
  • Additional Chronic Conditions: Today, the Invincible app is only for type 1 diabetes. For this to be truly useful for school health staff we need to consider additional chronic conditions.
  • Bug Fixes: These are known bugs we have that should be addressed.

2.1 Document Care

2.2 New Chronic Conditions

2.3 Bug Fixes

3 — Nice-to-Have

These are total nice-to-have UI tweaks that will make things slightly more fun and interesting for our users.

3.1 Manage Account

3.2 Manage Care Team

3.3 Messaging

What’s Next?

I’ll continue building out this backlog, starting with the must-have features. It’s unlikely we’ll get this entire backlog completed by the fall — and that’s generally a good constraint to separate our must-have features from nice-to-have features. Next month we’ll be attending the National Association of School Nurse’s Conference, and I‘m hopeful it will be a useful event to help flesh out this list and get information from our end users what’s most important.

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