Day 160 —Insulin Content Outline

Today I developed the content outline for our next Survival Skills Content: Insulin. When I was first diagnosed with type 1, I was terrified of needles. With this module, we are battling knowledge and skill-building plus a lot of pre-conceived emotions toward needles and insulin.

With this week’s content development, I’m hoping to carry on the learnings from last week’s build and improve the process even more. Today I’m testing using sticky notes vs. a spreadsheet to see if it improves the process and the output.

Here’s the outline for our insulin module.

1 — Insulin Basics

The module will start with the basics — the purpose of insulin, what it does, and how it works. I also thought we’d use this opportunity to gauge the user’s feelings toward needles with a simple question:

On a scale of 1–5, how much do you love needles?

Depending on the user’s response, we can deliver relevant content that coaches them through injections.

2 — Types of Insulin

This section is the mobile version of this blog post. Here, too, I think there is a bit of personalization we can do to be relevant to the user and ensure that we’re serving their needs. While we don’t have this mechanism in the app currently, this personalization could be a defining characteristic of our training.

3 — Calculate Dose

Before you can give yourself a shot of insulin, you need to know how much to give. This section is a bit tricky because there are a number of variations on insulin dose regimens — and teaching an approach that isn’t your own is both confusing and a waste of time. We’ll do our best and iterate until we get it right.

4 — Give the Shot

Ahh, finally the real stuff: giving the shot. There are a series of steps users will need to follow here, and I’m hopeful we can provide some relevant, hands-on instruction for this section. We’ll conclude this lesson with a new mission for delivering insulin.

5 — Simulation

Finally, I want to wrap up this module with a simulation of real-life activity. I’m prototyping a new approach to this simulation and I think it could really have a huge impact on building skills and confidence for our users.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’ll start to build out the lesson content based on the outline I built today.



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