Day 156 — The Nuts and Bolts of Course Creation at Invincible (Part 3)

Today I continued content development for this week’s module.

Here’s how it went.


Something I’ve been really interested to develop is a simulator — something that presents real decisions to our users so they can practice and make mistakes. I’ve played with a few versions of this in the past and spent a couple hours today iterating on a potential new simulation.

Here’s a sample:

Text to Code

One of the process improvements I’m excited to test is how we build new content in the app. If you’ve been following our posts from the past few days, you’ve seen how I’ve been building and designing new content.

One aspect I haven’t shown yet is how we get from content to code. It’s normally pretty tedious: we have a ton of messaging within the app.

My goal is to make code development so easy non-developers can contribute to it. So today I started building this approach — by organizing content in a Google Sheet and developing formulas that map to our codebase.

Here’s a sample:

What’s Next?

I want to get to ‘done’ on this module tomorrow. I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be today, but I should be in good position to power through a good chunk of it tomorrow.

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