Day 151 — Sprint 21 Close

🎥 Highlights of the Week

💡What I Learned

This week I experimented with a new way to build our app content. Since starting these daily blogs, I’ve seen how useful writing can be to quickly get content to paper, and I thought it would be a useful approach. Three Blogs and three major content areas later, and I think the approach is going to work really well. I’ll find out for sure when I take the next step this week and turn a blog into app-based content.

👍 What Went Well

  • Setting Clear Deadlines. Setting reasonable, clear deadlines is always a good idea. Approaching content development with this idea for the week (i.e., write 1 blog / day) turned out to be quite an effective approach and resulted in good output.
  • Product Strategy. It felt good getting thoughts to paper and thinking more about our product strategy going forward. We’ve developed 3 unique (though inter-related) ideas for products, and we’re nearing the time where we need to start getting some growth with them or setting them aside for other opportunities.

👎 Opportunities to Improve

  • Platform Updates. With the push to get content build, I haven’t defined new features recently. Our base platform we launched with is largely the same, which isn’t ideal. I’m hoping that with the development of this new content, new ideas will be developed to solve real problems in our content delivery approach.
  • App Content Development. This past couple weeks has felt a bit like the ‘go slow to go fast’ mantra. While in the middle of the process though, it can be hard to trust the process.

🎬 Action Items

  • Map out plan of action for Invincible Teams Product (e.g., Sign up for National Association of School Nurses 2021 Conference)
  • Build 1 new module using one of the blogs.



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