Day 140 — Organizing Content

Today I continued my curriculum development work by taking everything I’ve been working on and organizing it into something we can start to build content from.

Getting Everything in One Place

At the top-level, each curriculum content area is organized according to the ADCES 7 Self-Care Behaviors:

  • Introduction to Diabetes
  • Healthy Coping
  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active
  • Taking Medication
  • Monitoring
  • Reducing Risks
  • Problem-Solving
Bringing it all together

Putting it All Together

Within each behavior, I’ve pulled learning / behavioral objectives and applicable content from the ADCES Curriculum.

The easiest example to show is the Diabetes Basics Section, where you can see the 3 learning objectives mapped to applicable content.

Organizing Content

3 — Organizing Things

Not every module fit so nicely into this format, so for a few I had to re-organize into a format we could use to present to users.

For example, for the “Reducing Risks” section, there are 15 or so health indicator measures that need to be actively monitored and screened for people with diabetes. In this case, each of these measures has a consistent flow, so instead I created a different table for these in hopes that we can create an actionable approach toward educating around these measures.

What’s Next?

As I’ve organized this spreadsheet, I’ve started to think a lot about how we present this information to users. The reality is that there is so much content. It’s our job to figure out a way to make it digestable to users in a format they can understand.

We’re nearly to the fun part of content development!

Tomorrow I’ll start outlining the physical tasks and inventory. It’s a critical component to learning how everything works together, and an area where we can likely start content development relatively quickly.



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