Day 123 — OK so we have an app…now where is everybody?

My goal for v1 of our app is to learn. It came to a point where it felt like our learning velocity was slowing down (there‘s only so many TestFlight builds you can create before you realize you’re just chasing your tail), and with it, our chances for success. We need to get this in front of real users and see how they use it. Putting the app out into the world is a forcing function of progress, and I’m hoping it forces the right behaviors and learning for us to be successful.

The downside with the ‘just launch it’ approach is we sacrificed having a big “pop” on launch day. But so be it. So now the real test begins: getting users to download the app and driving engagement.

Process — Tracking Outreach

I started tracking outreach in a spreadsheet so I can have an easy way to see who has responded (and who hasn’t). We still need to define outreach KPIs, but for today I just wanted to start getting the word out.

I’ve used a few forms of CRM before, but for this early outreach there’s not much better.

The rest of my work today was outreach tactics and execution.

Tactic 1 — Messaging on our Website

One of the learnings from our beta is the need for a scalable way for people to download the app — i.e., something they can do on their own, without me.

I added the Apple and Google download buttons to the website landing page to make it really easy.

I also wanted an easy way to demo our app and get people excited, so I embedded our app store preview video on the landing page.

Finally, I’m trying out Hotjar to see how people are using this page and whether these additions are actually working.

Tactic 2— Connecting to Diabetes Communities

Part of the challenge of early outreach is figuring out what to say. But there’s no better way to solve this problem than just doing it and then iterating. Here’s one post I created for a t1d slack community I’m a member of:

And here’s a mostly-parent group I’m a member of:

Last but not least, for one of the bigger non-profits that exist, we built a custom landing page so we can drive website traffic and downloads.

I’m roughly tracking clickthroughs, but I definitely need to add some more rigor to this process to see what’s worth investing time into. For now it’s just throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Tactic 3— Tapping into Waitlist Signups

Last week I sent a marketing email letting our website subscribers know we were about to launch. In that email I included a typeform link to a waitlist where subscribers could express interest. It only got 9 signups (out of 180 who it went to), but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s the follow-up email I sent to those people today:

If you haven’t used email templates in Gmail, check them out, they’re a huge timesaver

What’s Next?

Many more days of this, probably. Plus including social media outreach and partnerships. I’ll need to find a good balance between marketing and talking to customers, so hopefully that will arise organically from this work.



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