Day 107 — This Week’s Plan (Sprint 15)

Translating Design to Code and lots of other fun activities

Today I did the planning I normally do on Monday and got a start on the remaining work for the week.

My primary goal is to get the app updated, but I also have a bunch of other somewhat-related fun activities I’d like to get done.

Here’s the plan.

Plan for the Week

Today’s Work: Revving the App Carousel

Today I started migrating our design to code in anticipation of our public launch. I updated the onboarding screens with some key changes:

  • Updated Title Font
  • Updated images
  • Found out we can do GIFs (!)
  • Formatted images to full-screen
  • Changed button styling

It took way more time than it probably should have since I’m not a real coder, so most of the time was learning how the screens responded. Regardless, it was fun to practice and learn.

And here’s the result:

Updated Carousel

Startup founder surviving in his parent’s basement.