Getting our video to done

Today I iterated on our explainer video. In particular, I updated all the static images into animations and cleaned up some minor animation and video bugs. If you’re following along, yesterday I was working on the walk cycle animation — today I put it to use and improved it.

Give it a look and let me know what you think!

What’s Next?

For now, I’m calling the video done. Just like our product, there are always things we can do to improve it, but it’s more than good enough for now. The true test will be when we get it in front of our customers!

Creating a walk cycle

Today I learned how to create a walk cycle in Adobe After Effects. Our explainer video was looking a bit too simple, and I wanted a scene to show the benefits from Invincible.

To learn I found a really great video on the topic

Based on the what I learned, here’s what I created today:

It’s still a bit clunky and it took a good chunk of the day, but it’s a start and I now know the basic mechanics. It will only get better from here!

Improving the animation for our explainer video

Today I continued my animation work for our explainer video. You can find the latest video here.

With animation, I find there’s always areas to improve, so I need to cut it off somewhere. I’m giving myself 2 more days to wrap everything up and call it done.

Designing the UI for our explainer video

Today I moved on from our rough storyboard to detailed UI Design. This is when the script and paper prototypes start to become real — it’s also where the rubber hits the road for our animation.

Below is the the updated storyboard I designed in Figma.

Today I had a light day (I was traveling) but managed to get a small piece of value created. At our upcoming nurses conference, we’re going to have a virtual booth and need a header image that will pull people in.

While I’m not exactly what the setup will look like, I expect it will be a url with this header and description I created yesterday. For the header image, I wanted a simple but appealing visual that gives people a sense of what we’re about.

Here’s what I created: